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Del City’s Logan Wright – Army National Guard Spotlight

Logan Wright of Del City High School will have a much different summer than most of his classmates. Wright has enlisted into the Oklahoma Army National Guard and will spend his summer in boot camp. For Wright, joining the military is something he always wanted to accomplish.

“I was always going to join because that’s what my dad wanted me to do, but I guess I’d say it was my junior year in high school that I decided I actually wanted to join the military and not just do it because my dad wanted me to. Now I chose the National Guard because of the benefits they have verses the other branches. Like waiving college tuition, allowing you to go to college first, and I won’t get stationed in another state after basic training,” said Wright.

In fact, Wright will serve in Oklahoma while going to college.

“My job is Intel Analysis. My responsibility is to provide crucial and reliable information about enemy forces and potential areas of conflict,” said Wright.

As a student-athlete at Del City High School, Wright was a four-sport athlete participating in football, basketball, powerlifting, and track. Attending college after high school has always been a priority for Wright.

“I have college first on my contract and intend to enroll at Oklahoma State University and pursue a degree in mechanical engineering,” said Wright.

Coming from a military family, Wright is carrying on a tradition that goes beyond he and his father. “My dad has been in the Army National Guard for about 20 years, and my older sister has been in for a little over three years now. My dad was a recruiter for a while and enlisted my sister, but when it came time for me to enlist, he wasn’t a recruiter at the time. This didn’t really cause any problems though, and I just enlisted through one of his buddies who was a recruiter,” said Wright.

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