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Del City’s Quinton Edwards Athlete Spotlight Presented by Rib Crib

Focusing on basketball allows Quinton Edwards to put his best out on the court. As a
senior at Del City High School, Quinton is a leader for his team and fellow teammates.
He says the best advice given to him is to “work while no one is watching.”

At an early age Quinton wanted to play ball at the highest level. When he was seven-
years-old, he knew he wanted to excel at the sport and be part of a team. His first
experience playing basketball was on a church league team in fourth grade.

“The chemistry I have with my teammates,” is his favorite part about being on a team,
and the best memories will always be of hitting game winning layups, he says.
Quinton says basketball has given him valuable tools on and off the court. Learning to
be confident in himself is something he uses in everyday life. Quinton looks up to pro
players like Russell Westbrook. “He (Westbrook) just blocks out all of his haters,” says

Many people have impacted Quinton’s life. Sixth and seventh grade history teacher Ms.
Foote is a favorite teacher. Teammates have also left big impressions. “My boy Oncey
because he’s seen me grow as a player,” he said.

The most important influence in Quinton’s life is his mom. “She’s a single mom taking
care of two kids without any help,” he says, “thank you mom for the journey you’ve
helped me with all my life.”

Quinton would love to take a vacation to Hawaii as part of his family journey. “I’ll take my
mom of course,” he said.

Quinton proudly represents Del City High School where he receives praise for his hard
work on and off the court supporting his team.

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